Kelly Executive

When we first met Peter Henry I was sceptical as to whether they would bring anything useful to our business.  However he clearly understood the issues that exist in a Family business and very quickly got to the root causes of the problems we faced.  He then helped us to understand these issues and get our minds around what we needed to overcome them.  Particularly useful was the very practical support provided.

Paul Kelly Managing Director Kelly Executive

Equipment maintenance company Testimonial Spring 2013

Peter Henry assisted this company to initiate a waste reduction exercise saving an expected £320,000 in a full year.

With teams of senior and junior management Peter facilitated a structured exercise over a 8 week period to identify areas of potential waste and develop ways of reducing the waste and improving efficiency.

A maintenance company with 40 customer facing engineers, was both surprised and pleased at the level of waste reduction achieved.



David Pinchard

"Peter is an exceptional independent marketing analyst coming from long years as a marketing director of successful companies. Marketing is the ONLY board discipline, alongside sales, dealing with growth and is far more important than people think. His work can really TRANSFORM a business.

How he does it is by warmly and helpfully working with his clients to ‘nail’ the fundamentals, by careful assessment of the current situation (where are we now, where could we be, where should we be, and finally how do we get there?), sometimes using qualitative research, and of course often quantitative research.

It is deceptively clever, and involves a lot of careful questioning. And it’s effective. It is also agreeable in a way that marketing ‘employees’ can make the process irritating or too hurried!"