What we do

  • Business Strategy and Planning – working with you and your team to develop the business plans that are capable of achieving your ambitions.
  • Marketing, Sales and Distribution Strategy and Planning – From your business plans, either created with us or by your own team, we can work with you to develop the strategies and plans to deliver the business plans.
  • Business Operational Planning – Here we can look at all aspects of operational planning to ensure that you have the physical and financial resource capabilities to handle the growth in demand and take advantage of economies of scale.
  • Branding – branding is not about ‘pretty’ logos.  Your brand is what you are, what you do and how you do it.  To be effective it has to permeate into every part of the your company and we have a huge depth of experience in this area.
  • Positioning – how you are perceived in the marketplace will depend not only on the added value you provide but also how you present this to the market place.  The reality is that market leaders are the companies that are most profitable so defining a segment of the market where this is an achievable objective is a winning strategy.
  • Proposition Development – this combines the branding and positioning into the way you promote your company to the target market.  This in turn enables you to create effective marketing and sales materials.
  • New Product/Service Development – this essential activity for growth requires imagination combined with rigorous analysis of the opportunities and risks. From Smiths Square Crisps through Diners Club Dividends to The Goldfish Credit Card Focus on Growth brings you a proven record of success in this area fraught with pitfalls
  • Hands-on Management Support – this is an area where Focus on Growth is different from many consultancies.  We can provide the hands-on practical support to help implement proposals.